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RC Arduino

Arduino Bluetooth Truck

Arduino Bluetooth control Truck. H Bridge l298 and sparkfun motorboard used. You really need to know the current draw from the dc motors used. The l298 in my case really heats up very, very hot!

Blue Racer RC Arduino 2313 Bluetooth Bee

Blue Racer RC Arduino 2313 Bluetooth Bee

Red Hammer RC Bluetooth

Arduino Hammer truck controled from Android application via bluetooth. Blinking led while code is running with timedaction.h library.

Horn, fitted.

Hazard lights and of course front and back lights.

Ultimate RC Control

On its way to be ultimate RC control.


Quad Copters


These are the quad copter piccies been taken of my first aqua copter and my h-frame attempt as well as the X- frame. So it is combined attempts until my fourth quad copter with X-frame.

Arduino DC Motor Control
EZ Robot Builder and progress while learning this beast.
Arduino Volt Ampere Meter. 0-50VDC and 0-10A
Arduino Adafruit 7 Segment Digital Clock with RTC and backpack
This is my third arduino controlled RC car with an Android application from the market.

Arduino Uno Board Flight Motor Controller.

Arduino to control a retrofit hot water system. To be able to use delta temperatures to switch on and off the solar pump and to controll the geyser normally via SSR.

Hacked an existing thermostat to make my own digital  temperature sensor. 

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