Some new stuff
  1. Arduino Park Control
  2. Arduino USB2serial programming the bare bone
  3. Arduino Projects Videos added
  4. Arduino Xbee projects
  5. Arduino dB Meter 
  6. Trying to get the IOIO going. 
  7. IOIO is going....bluetooth
  8. Attiny 2313 bluetooth bee RC car
  9. Compass and temperature added
  10. AVR programmer
  11. USB2Serial and Ethernet POE
  12. Arduino LPG Sensor
  13. Program the Arduino Mini 05
  14. Lipo Rider Pro in action
  15. EZ Robot Builder kit arrived 10 Nov 2012
  16. Arduino VA Meter!
  17. 05 Nov 2012 Project Sentry Gun.
  18. Attiny85 PIR Sensor 10 Dec 2012 
  19. 0-30VDC3A and 2-28VDC10A bench PSU's
  20. 19 Dec 2012 Arduino Voltmeter LCD
  21. 29 Dec 2012 Arduino Tachometer&Speedometer LCD
  22. 03 Jan 2013 Arduino AC Phase Control. 
  23. 18 Jan 2013 Arduino Distance Meter
  24. 22 Jan 2013 Arduino Digital Clock and Date
  25. 31 Jan 2013 Arduino Digital Clock and Date 8x2 LCD
  26. Feb 2013 LCD and Backpack
  27. Feb 2013 7 Segment Serial Clock Sparkfun. Distance Sensor with "newping" library
  28. Feb 2013 Lelo Remote
  29. 01/03/2013 Arduino Adafruit 7 Seg Digital Clock with RTC and backpack 
  30. Arduino Frequency Meter 26/03/2013
  31. Another RC  Car controlled by Arduino 06/04/2013
  32. My quadcopter project update 25 April 2013
  33. My Aqua Quad Copter Flying 26 April 2013enlightened
  34. Another monster RC truck;strong one! 11July2013cool
  35. X-Frame Quad Copter 31 July 2013cool
  36. Arduino GSM Sheild added.28/8/2013
  37. 1.8inch TFT screen 13/09/2013cool
  38. 04/11/2014 added PID Soldering Iron Control
  39. Added bluetooth servo control 04/11/2014
  40. ESP8266 first try.16/03/2015
  41. Arduino Uno Quadcopter 19 May 2015
  42. IOT WemosD1 Amp Meter



I am a sole proprietor owning two Franchises namely Kwikwap (Since 2007) and Livedrive (Trading as Fileonline).

With both franchises I service SME's with web site needs and unlimited online clouding backup.

I am an authorized reseller of Livedrive .com (UK based Company. since April 2011.

Member of BNI (Business Network International).

[ 1. National Diploma 3 year study in Electronics

   2. NQF5 Financial Planning and Advice (2007) Absa Financial Planners and Advisers

   3. Accreditation Medical Schemes Board Level 1

   4. National Colours in Clay Target Shooting (1995)

    5. International Status Judge Bodybuilding WFF WBBF (Austria 2011)

    6. Founder of ZX14 Owners Club of SA ]

I own two franchises. One being to market the easiest website creation software in the world and the other for unlimited online backup, like clouding for every one. I have a National Diploma in Electronics. NQF5 in Financial Planning.National Colours in ClayTarget Shooting and I am an International Bodybuilding Judge.I am also the founder of my own motorbike club called ZX14 Owners Club of SA. I love coaching and leadership studies. I play chess (1400 ranking). Then I have the ability to frustrate/enjoy myself with hobby electronics and lately Arduino and not to talk about programming in C (highly frustrated situation...but I will get there!) In hobby electronics I like powers supplies, inverters, ac phase control,  and music to light to name a few.

I reside and work from Clubview in Centurion for the past 25 years current.

I employ 13 Agents all over the country who are representing my franchises including Fileonline.

This website will assist me to keep track of my hobby electronis and in specific the Arduino microprosessor (I am also now an Arduinian). The Arduino system allowed me to reach higher levels in electronics. It  is not my intentions to repeat existing arduino projects, but purely to be organized with my Arduino efforts.

I recently joined as a member. What an excellent idea to increase your knowledge base of Arduino and in the same time to meet new people.

See links to visit all my other web sites.

BTW: The nick name CHEMCOOL orriginated during my club membership with the Nissan 200sx Club. At that stage I tried to master methanol injection for the 200sx turbo charger. The concept (since world war 2...I think) is to cool down both the combustion and intake air towards the engine with methanol injected under very high pressure. Methanol a chemical and the cool down process combined ended up me with the nick name chemcool. But I am COOL   


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