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AC Soft Starter with Hi Link PSU

The AC Soft Starter circuit featured on this blog site has some notable distinctions. Firstly, a Hi-Link PSU was incorporated to supply the 12VDC to the circuit, and an LED indicator was included for monitoring purposes. Additionally, fuse protection was implemented to enhance safety measures. The timing mechanism, which involves R1, R2, and C3, functions similarly to previous timing circuits, with R3 serving as a discharge effect for C3. This circuit has been successfully installed on my personal refrigerator and has been performing exceptionally well.

Increasing the timing capacitor (to 47uF16V) to adjust the timing before the short occurred seems to have improved the surge in my circuit. By doing so, I was able to delay the moment when the series load resistor is bypassed and full power is applied to the fridge, resulting in a smoother startup and reduced inrush current. Also note I changed my load resistor to a 2k2 10W and with the 47uF 16V capacitor ended up with excellent results.

Adjusting the timing capacitor can be an effective way to fine-tune the behavior of electronic circuits, including soft starters. It allows you to control the duration of certain events or delays within the circuit.

Keep in mind that when modifying electronic circuits, it's important to consider the overall system design, safety considerations, and potential impacts on the performance and longevity of the components involved. If you're satisfied with the current result, it's a good idea to monitor the circuit over time to ensure its continued effectiveness and stability.

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