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Make Another AC Soft Starter

CREDIT ZAFER YILDIZ In this circuit, the AC input is connected to the triac and a variable resistor. The variable resistor allows you to adjust the timing of the soft start. The gate of the triac is controlled by a capacitor and resistor chain.

Here's how it works:

When power is first applied, the capacitor is uncharged and the voltage across it is 0V. As a result, the triac gate is not triggered and the triac remains off.

As the capacitor begins to charge through the resistor, the voltage across it increases. Once it reaches the gate trigger voltage of the triac, the triac turns on and allows current to flow through it.

The variable resistor can be adjusted to control the rate at which the capacitor charges, thereby controlling the timing of the soft start.

Note that this is a very basic circuit and may not be suitable for all applications. You may need to add additional components, such as diodes or optocouplers, to improve the performance or safety of the circuit. Additionally, the values of the capacitor and resistor may need to be adjusted depending on the specific requirements of your application.

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