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Google Assistant Jacuzzi

We are delighted to share our latest project with you - the jacuzzi!

To add more convenience to this luxurious addition at our home, we used Sonoff switches to independently control the AC power switch that operates the water circulation pump, AC blower, and LED lamp inside the Jacuzzi.

To heat the Jacuzzi, we created a mobile gas heater that can be activated with a 12V diaphragm pump. The heater uses independent copper pipes to circulate the hot water through it, which can be closed or opened based on the requirement.

Thanks to the gas heater's high efficiency, it can increase the Jacuzzi's water temperature by 7 degrees Celsius in just 40 minutes. We keep track of the temperature using the Sonoff TH20 installation, which displays on our cellphone using the Ewelink app.

We are thrilled with how our Jacuzzi project turned out, and we hope that our experience will inspire you to explore similar projects in the future!

Furthermore, we covered one side of the Jacuzzi wall with an 8A 150W solar panel that supplies a PWM solar charge controller. The charged battery then powers the 12V diaphragm pump and the LED outside lamps of the Jacuzzi, illuminating the Jacuzzi's exterior at night. We also control both these functions using Sonoff products from our cellphone.

Android app screenshot with various control buttons for the jaccuzi
An android app screenshot of a sonoff temperature device monitor 35 degrees celsius

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